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About Us

“Old Business, New Management…”

As the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way,” our group Chairman Lee Rieho, with his enthusiasm toward tea as well as his perseverance to the career, has developed two well-known brands of tea: the TenRen’sTea and the TenFu, and has contributed to make tea manufacturing from an conventional trade into a professional and modern group. Chairman Lee Rieho has been making consistent efforts in promoting the international status of tea and tea culture and he strongly believes that what one gains from the tea business should be returned to nurture the business. After the establishment of the Luyu Tea Arts Center and the TenRen’sTea Arts Culture Fund, he has invested in the TenFu Museum in Fujian Province, contributing to the tea culture with the groups sources.

We have proven that old business can have endless energy and opportunities. Our customers, employees, and shareholders can all remain “content, trusting, and satisfied” because the beautiful art of tea will surely be treasured for generations to come. Heavily influenced by the philosophy of “Old Business, New Management,” we strive to provide excellent customer service and quality products. We established the most modernized tea manufacturing facility in Fat East Asia back in 1978 as well as convenient distribution channels to accommodate the mass demands of the public.

“Traditional Business, Modern Operation”

Ten Ren’s Tea Co., Ltd. was originally founded in 1953 and had become Ten Ren’sTea Co., Ld. in 1975. For more than thirty years, Ten Ren’s Tea Co., Ltd. has been achieving steady and strong growth through unsurpassed compassion and dedicationto the art tea and has opened 111 retail stores worldwide.

“Natural, Healthy and Compassionate.”

These three words have been the backbone of our management team. In the future, we are determined to introduce more efficient management techniques, achieve greater customer satisfaction, diversify our product lines, and expand oversea markets.

In our relentless effort to reach out to more customers, we joined forces with Lu Yu Tea Culture Center in 1980 to further develop and explore the art of tea drinking by updating and renewing tea making utensils. Moreover, we have taken on the philanthropic mission of “Success through Tea and Services Back to Society” and have created the Ten Ren’s Tea Culture Foundation to pay our tribute to the society through various customer appreciation events and other charitable activities. We are proud to say that all Ten Ren’s Tea products come with a special touch of genuine Ten Ren’s Tea compassion. Recently, in recognition of customers’ ever-changing, fast-paced life styles, as well asthe lack of relaxation spaces and activities, we have launched our newest chain of “cha FOR TEA”. Each one of these “cha FOR TEA” stores provides a “younger, livelier, and cozier” atmosphere for customers to enjoy.